Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Worst Economic Crisis Since The Depression

Last night during the Presidential Debate, Obama mentioned that our current economy is the worst since the Great Depression. Yes, I do believe we are headed toward another Depression.

What was introduced not long ago? A $700 billion bailout from the government? Who's paying for that?

Guess what? You and I will be. Why, you ask.

You and I will pay the tab for the $700 billion in increased taxes and higher

None of the "crooked businessmen" will ever be dragged out of their country clubs and
asked to return the millions they received in bonuses on bogus loans that you and I
now need to pay for. No matter who wins the election in November, it's already been decided that we're paying the bill for the greed of Wall Street and complicity
of the politicians with their campaign contribution hands held out.

But what lesson does this teach us?

The working man always gets the raw end of the stick while business man always comes out smelling like a rose.

And while nothing is going to get me to see the "bright side" of this $700B abomination, I will admit that this actually helps me personally.

I'm almost embarrassed to admit this but it's true!

No, I'm not getting one penny of the $700B ....
not directly anyhow. But what's not often noticed or spoken of are the new tax benefits the feds threw into the bill to sweeten the pot for the politicians to hide behind.

With a slew of tax breaks thrown in, now the politicians can claim they only voted to hand over $700B of your money because they wanted to cut taxes ...crafty aren't they?

But who's getting all these tax breaks?

Here again, it's the same as always ...the businesses get all the tax breaks ... not the 9 to 5 crowd.

And this is the real lesson you need to learn from this catastrophe ...the system is NOT in favor of the working stiff ... it's geared towards the business owner.

So the only way for you to get ahead in this "system" is to become a business owner too!

If you're tired of the raw end of the deal... then join me and take control of your life and enjoy the many tax breaks and other goodies the government doles out to the business owners.

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