Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This cool software is only $10

If you have noticed, on the Internet, if one marketing idea becomes popular, then everyone starts doing it and it slowly starts losing its effectiveness.

For example, take PDF eBooks. Up until recently, they were the norm; everyone sold them but as soon as Web 2.0 and the Audio/Video boom came earlier this year, eBooks alone started losing their effectiveness.

Top internet marketers had to start selling videos and audio's too. As soon as they started doing that, everyone else followed, and soon they might lose their effectiveness too. However, all along the way, one marketing medium has stood the test of time.

Physical Infoproducts! Yes, it is a known fact that packaging products into CDs or DVD's dramatically increases their perceived value. Then why isn’t everyone doing it? It is because it was not an automated task and was very time consuming. Plus, it was expensive.

There were a few PHP scripts which could help you automate this task with the help of the mega-giant DVD producing company Kunaki.com but they were hard to use and expensive.

Enter… DiscMojo only costs $10, which is very easy to use and totally automates the process for you. Now, everyone can have their own physical infoproducts and rake in the big bucks like the gurus do.


Imagine what it would be like to price your same $47 eBook as a $97 or even a $147 Video DVD Course with minimal work on your part and receive more conversions and ultimately double or triple the income you make with the same amount of traffic!

Now you setup these physical infoproduct income streams as easily as digital products.


Hurry now before the price increases!


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