Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Making Money Coaching Others

A coach is someone who takes their knowledge in a particular craft and shares it with others who also want to be successful in that field. Coaches can be experts in anything from writing to marketing to business itself.

If you are knowledgeable or experienced in a particular area, then you can become a coach quite easily and make money doing it. There are many coaches who help others in web design, graphic design, and even in the coaching field.

A coach usually offers tips and techniques to newbies within that field and answers questions throughout the learning process.

What skills are helpful?

The most important skill you should have for this type of business is being a good listener. You also should have great patience for your clients. Those who hire you to coach them want you to listen to their experiences and help guide them out of the muck they find themselves in no matter how strange they may sound. Being supportive is vital to coaching.

Building rapport and credibility in this business requires you knowing your field well. If you have never designed a website before, then coaching web designing would not be a good idea because your lack of experience will be spotted immediately and you will lose potential clients as well as trust.

What Tools will be needed?

The following tools are necessary in this type of business:

• Computer

• E-Mail

• Website

• Informative content for your site

• Shopping cart feature for your site to handle payments

• Telephone dedicated for business purposes

Most of your conversations with your clients will probably be through e-mail, but some people may be more comfortable talking to you on a more personal and one on one basis, so a phone should be included in your list of tools.

How to get started

Plan out your business. What services will you offer in which you have knowledge? Find some articles and other written content created to include on your website to help build credibility and expertise for your business.

Explain on your site how your services work and what your rate will be. Include some testimonials from others who have used your services before and were pleased with the results. Make your site easily navigable so others won’t get lost trying to find information about your coaching business.

Market your coaching business to get clients to come to you. Plan goals that your client wants to achieve by using you and discuss how those goals will be obtained. Listen to your clients’ problems and questions and provide insightful answers and support to keep them moving towards their goals.

Coaches are well sought after online for those who have knowledge or experience in a certain area. Use what you know about a topic and provide a coaching service to others to help them become an expert like you in the same field.

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