Friday, October 17, 2008

Are You like "Joe The Plumber"?

If you've been watching the news or the
debate a couple nights ago, you probably already
know about "Joe The Plumber" ...and Joe
is pretty much like all the small business
people I've known throughout the years.

You see "Joe The Plumber" started from
basically nothing and through hard work
and dedication, built his plumbing business
up to a nice profitable small business.

But now he's worried that Senator Obama
is going to penalize him for his success and
raise his taxes which will make it harder for
him to buy a new work truck.

And this is where Senator Obama made his
now famous comment about taking Joe's
money and "spreading the wealth around
to the people behind him".

But ... to me, that's not the real point here.

The real point is that "Joe The Plumber"
was able to advance from a very modest
position in life -- no advanced education,
-- no trust fund -- no connections -- etc.
and put himself in a position where he is
now worried about getting lumped in with
the rest of the "rich folks" and asked to pay
more taxes.

And that's what's so great about the internet.

Because the internet has made it so easy
for millions of ordinary folks to start their
deal and make their own way on line instead
of going to work each day -- or for some
folks, provide for a passive 2nd revenue
stream or 2 to compliment their work wages.

If you want to have the same worries as "Joe
The Plumber", worried that you're making too
much money, then you need to do what "Joe
The Plumber" has done.

You need to have your own business too!

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