Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And the Job Losses continue ...

Bad news ... bad news ... bad news... nothing but bad news...

Do I believe it? ...Do you?

I'll tell you that I know this, I have friends and family that have been laid off in the last month ... in fact 1 in the last week.

But I also know this to be true.

Even with 9% unemployment, there's still 91% of the people employed. And while some
companies are laying off people, other companies are taking advantage of the situation and hiring some really good people.

People they never could have attracted before the economy tanked.

It's always the way it is... good people lose their jobs ... but smart companies hire these good people.

And frankly, a lot of these people wind up MUCH happier in their new jobs than they ever were in their old jobs. They just needed the 'push' to finally go out and find something different ...something better.

How do I know this to be true?

Because not only has it happened to people I know and love but it's already happened to me.

I knew I hated my job. I knew I was wasting my time and talents, but I was also to complacent to do anything about it.

You know the old saying; "fat and happy".

It wasn't until my company closed their doors did I ever really give my future a hard look. Only after I was forced into a new plan did I ever really think about where I wanted to be 5 years from that day.

And even though I landed a really good job, I still knew that I would never allow myself to fall into the same rut I was stuck in before.

This time it would be different ...this time I would not 'hope' that my company would survive, hope that the people above me were making the right decisions.

Nope ...this time I started planning.

I decided that I would figure out how to work from the comfort of my spare room. To be there when my kids hopped off the bus and take my kids camping and on that
Disney vacation I only promised in the past.

This time I would do it on my terms!

Cut to the present day and I can proudly tell you that I made it ...I stuck to my plan and did exactly what I said I would do ...and you can too!

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P.S. This is NOT about starting a business. This is much simpler and is just a way to work at home ... no hype, no 6-figure promises ... just a way to do what you want, when you want to.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

New Jury Duty Scam

This has been verified by the FBI so please pass this on to everyone in your email address book. It is spreading fast so be prepared should you get this call.

Most of us take those summonses for jury duty seriously, but enough people skip out on their civic duty, that a new and ominous kind of fraud has surfaced.

The caller claims to be a jury coordinator.

If you protest that you never received a summons for jury duty, the scammer asks you for your Social Security number and date of birth so he or she can verify the information and cancel the arrest warrant.

Give out any of this information and bingo; your identity was just stolen.

The fraud has been reported so far in 11 states, including Oklahoma , Illinois ,
and Colorado .

This (swindle) is particularly insidious because they use intimidation over the
phone to try to bully people into giving information by pretending they are with
the court system.

The FBI and the federal court system have issued nationwide alerts on their web sites, warning consumers about the fraud.

I hope this helps you ...stay safe!



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Friday, January 16, 2009

Federal grant news bulletin!

Federal Funds Are Available To You
Need money for business or personal use? The government offers grants for many reasons including:
- Real Estate Investments and Improvements
- Rent Assistance
- Bills
- Starting Up A New Business
- Education

Thursday, January 1, 2009

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