Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Your New Password

Would you like to learn the incredibly simple steps I take everyday to guarantee that every single new project I start becomes a success?

Mack Michaels, mastermind behind Maverick Money Makers and Cell Phone Cash, has just released his newest, most exciting course to date.

Over the last 12 months over 16,000 people have used Mack's incredible coaching to earn over 3.3 million bucks as members of his coaching club.

And now, he's turning the industry on it's head again!

On the website which I will reveal, you can watch, listen and read as Mack shows you the steps he takes and how you can plug into them right now.

For maximum profit, just follow the steps you'll find on the page, grab your new password and get started.

Oh, I forgot to mention this, but Mack used these exact steps to personally make over $2.7 Million in 2009.

Once you find out how you'll see how incredibly easy it is for you to do the same, and you'll wonder why it took you so long to figure this out.

Even if you can only figure out how to make 10% of what Mack is pulling down that's over a quarter million per year! That's over 20 grand a month!

Excited yet? You should be!

But, if you're as committed and hard-working as I think you are then the sky is literally the limit.

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And, of course there is no risk whatsoever for you. Either you like it or you don't, you decide…

For less than the cost of the newest Bestseller at Barnes and Noble (under 25 bucks) you can plug into Mack's 2.7 Million Dollar formula right now…

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To your success,


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Friday, December 18, 2009

Have You Seen The Latest "Craze"?

It's the latest "craze" and business fad coming out of India, and it's called - jugaad (pronounced joo-gaardh).

Jugaad is a Hindi slang word that means, "improvisational style of innovation that's
driven by scarce resources and attention to customer immediate needs".

Now I don't know about you, but Jugaad's not a new concept to me...it sounds like
every internet entrepreneur that I know!

=> Improvisation - Check

=> Innovation - Check

=> Scarce resources - Double Check

In India, the innovation agenda is all about affordability and scale.

And like most folks on the internet, you need something that's affordable but also "scalable"...you do want to be able to turn this into a full time gig right?

Then take a look at what many (including me) consider the easiest and most scalable
system ever created.

It's the same system I use personally and the same system that everyone I know
making their living on the internet uses either in full or in part.

Why is this true you ask?

=> Simple - Complete step-by-step system

=> Scalable - Start small and grow to any desired level.

=> Reliable - Been around since the beginning of the internet.

=> Limited Resources Compatible - Costs nothing to start and nothing to operate.
(just your time and effort to start...you can put it on auto-pilot later)

Hmmm...sounds like jugaad might be less "crazy" and more like the perfect solution.

Discover your jugaad solution - Hit This Link



P.S. Not sure you can do it? Then make sure you watch and listen in on what others are saying - see the video on the info page.

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P.P.S. Did you know I get paid simply for giving out information like this? I do. And if you would like to learn how you can too...

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Shopping Cart Confusion - Part 1

If you're a BIG business, then it's likely that you don't need this. But if you're a small to medium sized business, then you better make sure you have this.

Read every word of this critical information to find out why.

Because if you have more than 1 website or even more than 1 product...or think that in the future you may have more than one website selling products, then you need to be able to run all your businesses through 1 license with the simplicity of 1 login.

Makes sense right?

So why is Premium Web Cart the only system on the market today that offers this?

Oh, I know there are systems out there that "claim" you can run an unlimited number
of websites....and while they might "technically" work well enough to make this claim, we don't live or work in a "technical" world...your business lives in the "real" world.

And in the "real" world, you need to have unique Look, Feel, & Functionality!

Let me give you just one example:

Most ticket support systems will allow you to support multiple websites from 1 support center...so "technically" this does work.

Until you start to populate your knowledgebase.

Loading information from multiple websites into 1 knowledgebase does nothing but create info overload and confusion for your customers which renders the knowledgebase useless or worse.

With Premium Web Cart, you'll have a unique "Instant Answer" system for each and every website or product line, and you'll manage them all from a single login....pretty cool right?

But it gets better.

Want to run 3, 4, 10 or even 50 membership businesses? You can set up an unlimited number of membership systems with Premium Web Cart...

...again with only 1 login to manage them all.

Look & Feel - Every single one of your products can look 100% unique all the way through the check out process.

Bottom line: Look, Feel & Functionality means you'll never have to start over, pay more, or add unneeded complications when you want to add to your business.



P.S. Call any other cart provider and listen to them "tap dance" when you ask them if their system can do all this...we both know they can't do it, but it's a fun way to kill a few minutes.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Try These Tools For Making "Hands-Free" Money

Want to make more money online while barely lifting a finger?

The folks at the Internet Marketing Center just put up a new website that they've FILLED with simple tools you can use to automate the most tedious or difficult parts of starting and managing a website!

Using these tools, you'll be able to start your own successful ebusiness selling the hottest product there is. Dramatically increase your sales and opt-ins on an existing site, and cut all of your customer service and other boring tasks down to a few minutes a day. You can even create winning salescopy.

And you don't need to be a rocket scientist or a business expert to do this either.

Most of what's involved are simple point-and-click tools with user-friendly interfaces that even someone with very limited technical skills can easily use.

I've been a fan of IMC for years, and I can tell you that they really know their stuff. They've made over $100 million online themselves, and they've also helped thousands of people around the world make money online, so you can be confident these tools will work for you, too.

Want to try them out? Just follow this link.


PS. Apparently this site won't be available for long, and when it comes down, they likely won't be offering any of these tools to the general public again, so you need to act right away!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Neighbor Hates Me For This...

People can be some of the strangest creatures known, especially when it comes to money! Case in point...my crazy neighbor.

No, he's not running around chanting magical incantations or sticking bones through his nose like some African pygmy tribe.

But he's acting crazy none the less...

...crazy with envy.

All because I'm spending a lot of money on home improvements.

I recently added some really cool planting walls and other 'hard-scape' and landscaping to my yard. I had a Landscape Architect draw it all up for me, and I'll tell ya it looks Awesome!

Now most people would welcome it when their neighbors are investing money into
their homes to make them more visually appealing.

After all, this provides a "halo" effect that automatically improves the house values of the surrounding houses...pretty obvious right?

But instead of enjoying the side benefits of my efforts, he's envious of the fact that I'm able to afford large expenditures while he's working only 4 days a week and watching his budget.

So he acts like a brat, speaks rudely to the workers, lords over the "lot line", etc.

And I think what really torques him off is that I do all this from the comfort of my home office.

But here's the kicker...

...over 2 years ago I showed him EXACTLY what I did online and how he could easily do the same thing.

But instead of taking my advice, he just kept working at his job because the boat business was in full stride, and he was doing quite well back then...but we all know how many people are buying high end boats today.

How about you? Will you hope your job never changes, or will you hedge your bets and
learn about an online business for yourself?

Do the smart thing...take 5 minutes to check this out.



P.S. It doesn't need to be "all or nothing", you can easily do this on the side.

P.P.S. And skip the "technical", it's all about the "systems", not the coding---this is "No Geek" Certified for sure.

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