Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mardi Gras Violence Includes Two Children Shot

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - An infant and at least four other people were shot Tuesday along a parade route packed with Mardi Gras revelers, police said. Two suspects were in custody and the victims were recovering. The shootings happened near the Garden District about 1:40 p.m. after the last major parade of the celebration, Rex, had
ended. Truck floats that follow the parade were passing when gunfire broke out.

"It sounded like a string of fireworks, so I knew it was more than one shooter," said Toni Labat, 29, a window company manager. She was with her two children, a 2-year-old boy and a 10-year-old girl.

"Everybody was petrified. They hit the ground, the floats stopped, everybody on the floats ducked," Labat said.

Labat said one man dragged himself on the ground screaming for help after being wounded and another man was gasping for air and bleeding from his mouth.

Police spokesman Bob Young said the victims were taken to local hospitals. The infant was grazed by a bullet and not seriously hurt, Young said.

Two male suspects, ages 18 and 20, were in custody and three weapons believed used in the shooting had been recovered, he said.

The violence, along the oak-lined Uptown streetcar line, marred what had been a generally peaceful day of revelry in which hundreds of thousands of people partied in the streets on the final day of Carnival. Another shooting was reported on Friday night after an argument, but otherwise, the event was generally problem-free.

Beau Beals, 45, said he was outside a house party on St. Charles Avenue when the shooting erupted. He said and other partiers tossed children over a metal fence to get them to sa fety, but others kept waiting for beads and other trinkets being tossed from the floats as if nothing had happened.

"They had an ambulance out here picking the guy up off the street and people didn't stop vying for throws," Beals said.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Will Beckham Stay With The Galaxy?

(CNN) -- David Beckham will have to return to the Los Angeles Galaxy next month unless AC Milan raise their bid for the England midfielder -- the LA Times have reported.

Milan will have to increase their offer for Beckham to tempt LA Galaxy to part with the England midfielder.

Speaking for the first time on Beckham's wish for a permanent move to Milan, Tim Leiweke -- chief executive of Galaxy owners AEG -- told the newspaper that an offer received by the club had been too low and time was running out to meet the Major League Soccer outfit's valuation.

On Wednesday, Beckham expressed his desire to convert his current short-term loan with Milan into a permanent move and walk out on a five-year contract he signed with the Galaxy in 2007.

"We need to end the distractions, the circus and the zoo," Leiweke told the LA Times. "We just received an offer, but it was rejected."

Leiweke said keeping Beckham was still a viable option if Milan failed to match the Galaxy's asking price, estimated in various reports at between $10 million and $20 million, and if it was in the best interests of the team.

"If David ultimately is an asset for this team, we want him back," Leiweke said. "If David has a hunger and a desire to come and help us make the impact on the pitch that we wanted to make with him, but haven't done yet, then he's an important member of this team and our intention is to bring him back.

"Clearly, if David's in a position where he wants to finish the season in Milan, and Milan in turn compensates the Galaxy so that we can suffer no damages to our fans or to our team, then we'll take a look at it.

"But we have made it very clear to them that we expect David back here on March 9. They agree and understand we own the contract. They understand the only way we do this is if, when this is all said and done, the Galaxy benefits."

Meanwhile, Beckham will get the chance to win a record-equalling 108th cap for England, after he was named in the squad for Wednesday's friendly match in Spain.
Beckham needs one more appearance for the Three Lions to match Bobby Moore's best mark for an outfield player and coach Fabio Capello has decided the 33-year-old's form at AC Milan warrants an instant recall after he was omitted for the win over Germany in Berlin last November.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Child Mauled By Dog When Parents Not Around

Ms Organ said she believed the neighbour was minding her grandson for the weekend.
The Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust said it received a 999 call from Gwent Police to attend the house at 0021 GMT.

"The call said a young child had been attacked by a dog," said a spokesman.
"We arrived shortly afterwards and conveyed the child to the Prince Charles Hospital in Merthyr."

The spokesman added that a second patient was taken to the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff for treatment shortly after 0200.

Chief Inspector Jim Baker said: "This is a tragic incident for the family and the community.

"Gwent Police family liaison officers are currently supporting and assisting the family through this difficult time.

"The family wish to be left alone to grieve.

"Although the exact circumstances of the baby's death are yet to be established, we would like to reiterate the advice given to dog owners that dogs should never be left unsupervised with young children at any time."

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Steam Engine In 5 Decades Makes Long Distance Trip

The first new mainline steam engine to be built in Britain for nearly five decades has made its first long-distance passenger trip into London.

The train set off from Darlington at 0745 GMT and arrived at London King's Cross station shortly after 1400 GMT.

The 3m Peppercorn class A1 Pacific engine was built in Darlington over 18 years with donations from enthusiasts.

Hundreds watched Tornado arrive in London. Passenger John Warren described the journey as "absolutely phenomenal".

Tornado pulled 13 carriages, equating to about 500 tons, and ran at speeds of up to 75mph.

Additional passengers were picked up at York and the train passed through stations including Newark, Peterborough and Potters Bar before arriving in London.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Who's Watching Your Children?

Children's Secretary Ed Balls has rejected claims by Haringey's former head of children's services that he was 'reckless' over the Baby P case.

Sharon Shoesmith, 55, said government action to remove her from her job had fuelled a blame culture and led to a national social work staffing crisis.

Baby P suffered more than 50 injuries before he died in August 2007, despite being monitored by social workers.

Mr Balls denied Ms Shoesmith's claims, saying: "I didn't jump in."

He had removed her from her post as head of Haringey's children's services after Ofsted criticised the department's leadership.

Mr Balls had ordered its inspectors to look into Haringey's ability to protect children after a trial heard Baby P suffered injuries including a broken back and eight fractured ribs, despite 60 visits from professionals.

Haringey Council decided to fire Ms Shoesmith without pay shortly afterwards.

In her first interviews since her dismissal in December, Ms Shoesmith said she was "shocked" at how fast the death of the 17-month-old boy had become a party political issue.

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

The 25 cent Scam out for this one

Here's another new sneaky scam that you need to beware of and tell everyone you know
and care about to watch closely for. I call this one the $.25 scam!

And here's how you can stung by this one and what you need to do to protect your self.

Let me describe how this one works.

Scammers will obtain your credit card information and use it to place a $.25 charge
on your card. Now most people will see a random $.25 charge and simply ignore it
because it's only $.25.

But here is where the trouble starts.

This $.25 is simply the tip of the iceberg and there's a giant rip off lurking below the surface and ready to show up on your next statement.

These scammers have used your card to make this 'noise level' purchase simply to test your card ... to make sure it's ready to go when they start charging up a storm at your expense.

By the time these guys move past the round 1 at $.25 and on to round 2've got some real trouble on your hands!

So here is what you need to do.

1. Examine every credit card statement every month.

2. If you spot a $.25 charge ...cancel the card!

Don't wait to see what will happen, call your card company and cancel that card and request a replacement. Do so is free ...fighting a string of fraudulent charges will cost you a lot of time and effort so don't let it happen.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Your Job at risk ??? Did You consider this ...

'Job' versus a 'business''s the age old quandary it better to have a good 'job' or a good 'business'.

Well ...there's really no right or wrong answer.

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Because the 1st rule of business is that everything is not right for everybody.

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