Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Your Tax Rate Went Up & You're Happy About It ???

Yes I know and agree that paying more taxes is not something to look forward to, but there's one time that I actually ENJOY paying more taxes. That is when I'm making more money! A friend once said they wouldn't mind paying more taxes as it just showed they had the money to pay the increased taxes.

Now imagine if you were suddenly paying more taxes next year than you earned this year. Would you still be upset that you had to pay more taxes?
Don't say anything yet because there's another little secret.
When you have your own business, you can actually pay LESS in taxes because of all the deductions businesses get that wage workers do not. Yes I know, but what? What can you do as a business owner that doesn't feel like you're working a double shift or force you to "bet the farm"?

There is a way to tap into an unlimited market. All you need to do is follow along and only when you're ready to, jump in and take it live. This involves:
  •  No Google
  •  No website
  •  No marketing of any kind needed
Like I said, take no action if you are not quite ready. Just watch these guys in real time and see how it all works.
P.S. This is not a "back test" or some hokey simulation. This is happening live and in real time. Take some time to watch.

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