Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Goose Turds, Deer Crap, & Your Internet Biz

Ever notice how the exact same thing can elicit a completely different response depending on the situation? For example, my office is right next to a park, and I truly enjoy watching the geese floating in the ponds and the deer that come to feed on the berries that drop from the trees (not sure what they are but the deer just love them).

Yet I hate these same geese when they're on the greens at the golf course and leave a trail of "turds" all over the place. It really is true, nothing moves faster than grass through a goose. Also, nothing scares the "turds" out of you more than a deer in the middle of the road as you come around the bend at dusk or dawn.

Same geese, same deer, but a completely different feeling about them.

This concept is the same in business and work.

We all know going to work each day can be a real drag. It's really no wonder that most people hate Mondays and celebrate Fridays!

We are also smart enough to know that even running your own business requires many of the exact same skills and activities you're doing right now today while at work, and the dollars you earn still have good ol' George Washington on them. Yet for some reason, the work is far more fun and the dollars are far more rewarding when it's your own business. That is, when you're building your own business empire and not simply busting your butt so someone else can golf at their country club.

But Where Do You Start?

Most people believe they need to "start" with a website, but this is wrong and dangerous thinking because a website is absolutely worthless unless you can do one fundamental thing.



P.S. Whether you're just starting or already a 'season veteran', if you are not doing this one thing, then your days are numbered.

'Newbies' and Veterans - Find out here

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