Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Warranty Scam - Watch Out For This One

Have you heard of this scam that's currently running rampant?

It seems that no matter what the current issues are, there's always someone lurking 'behind the bushes' to take advantage of it and the unsuspecting people that trust them.

Here's how the latest scam works:

Automated phone calls are going out telling people that their car warranties are about to expire because of the current automaker problems.

And the only way to save their warranty and protect themselves is to buy this "new warranty" that will ensure continued coverage under any circumstances.

Well...guess what?

It's a pure pile of steaming BS!

If you get a call like this one ...just hang up, it's not real, the car companies are not making these calls so don't think for a minute it's real.



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