Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Automated Betting System With 87% Accuracy

It seems that the guys responsible for the famous 100Winners Arbing Software have found a much more profitable way to make money to complement their Arbing earnings.

A friend of mine, Cyril, has been a Beta Tester of their system for months (he regularly posts on their Facebook Fanpage that has over 11,000 members), and he has made over $6700 in the last 5 months by placing on $100 bets.

$100 USD placed per system bet, and he made over $6700!!  That`s a nice chunk of change.

In the world of Sports Investing, thats a gain of 670%!  What kind of betting system makes that kind of a return?

Unlike Arbing where you need to invest thousands just to see a few hundreds, here, you only need to put in a few hundreds to see thousands!  The best part:  It`s scalable!  If he had used $1000 USD bets he would be sitting on $67,000 USD right now!  $10,000 and he'd be looking at $670,000!

No Arbing, no missed picks, and no problems that make duplicating a winning system almost impossible.  This is a fully automated system software!

Even if you only bet $10, you'd be sitting on $670 effortlessly gained.

Here, what you see is EXACTLY what you get, no ifs, no conditions, and no scammy bookies that try to part you from your hard earned money.

It`s a bold claim but its absolutely true, and they PROVE IT!  It`s really exciting to look beyond old-school picks and to discover new and even easier ways to make money!

We've been lulled so much into old-school betting systems that it`s hard to see on the outside.  We need to break that cycle and stop hopping onto every hype train that comes along.  If there's an easier way to make a living, why not embrace it?

You need to read more of what this Z-Code System is all about.  It`s not just Cyril; there are many other winners, in fact, it seems that 100% of the Beta Testers have already raked in profits!

You have to see this with your own eyes because they want to give us the goods upfront.  This means if you access their page now for the next 24 hours only, they will give you:

The FREE Goodies!

a.) FREE Access to 1 daily Z-Code Pick that lets you make money right there.
b.) FREE Access to the Betatesting Facebook group with over 11,000 Fans

and c.) A FREE 3 Day Profit Journey for you to experience as they prove their system over the next three days showing you everything about how they make the big bucks in under 3 minutes a day!


That's 3 bonuses that you can get right away, but they are only available online for the next 24 hours.

So, even if you don`t like sports at all, you should definitely check this out!  After all, we are in it for the money, right?

Placing a few bets here and there while making a truckload of mullah will definitely turn into a fun experience.  Cyril doesn't know anything about sports much less even cares, but he's still making good money and a nice income on the side, as well as many other people that have been lucky to become selected Beta Testers for Z-Code.

Do yourself a favor and go check it out, and while you're at it grab all the freebies you can!

It`s absolutely astounding!

Update: Seems there are a free Z-Code memberships up for grabs as well, if you hurry!

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