Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Top 10 Resolutions for 2012 from 43 Things

Here are the top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for 2012 from the website 43 Things.  These are those keywords that show as larger size bold sayings.

In order based on the number of people who said these are:

      1.      Drink More Water                              20,344 people

2.      Read More Books                               11,818 people

3.      Be More Confident                             11,466 people

4.      Exercise More                                     5,567 people

5.      Write More                                         3,769 people

6.      Stop Smoking                                      3,408 people

7.      Get Fit                                                 3,345 people

8.      Travel More                                        3,190 people

9.      Beat Depression                                  232 people

10.  Be Always Aware of the Moment       29 people

You can
·         Drink More Water

·         Be More Confident

·         Exercise More

·         Stop Smoking

·         Get Fit

·         Beat Depression

·         Be Always Aware of the Moment

Not to mention, you can also

·         Read More Books

·         Write More

·         Travel More

Drinking more water is important because water is essential to living healthy and keeping hydrated.  Without enough water in our bodies, we tend to feel groggy and constipated, which will cause us to feel tired and not wanting to do anything, which in turn leads to an even unhealthier lifestyle, which could lead to even more disastrous consequences, including weight gain, smoking, depression, and a lack of confidence.
Watch the video below to see how you can drink more water so you can feel more energetic and live a healthier lifestyle.

Theresa Stevens is a Samba dancer and instructor who created a program that can help you lose weight and enjoy doing so.  Losing weight does not have to be strenuous and stressful; it can be fun.  Trying something that is not fun and exciting makes you not want to do it.  That’s why a lot be people have been unsuccessful in the weight loss programs they have tried.  If something’s not exciting, you will not feel enthusiastic about doing it, meaning you will give up on it.   
Theresa is a former English teacher who once looked like this

Although she was relatively attractive in that photo, she did not feel she was at her full potential.  Therefore, after starting Samba dancing, she feels a lot more confident about herself.  This is what she looks like after

Dancing and moving to the beat can make one feel better about themselves.  It’s fun to do, and it’s great exercise.  It’s also rejuvenating and will make you feel a lot better about yourself.  See how poised Theresa is in this video

And in this one

See how great she looks, and the confidence she radiates?
The best thing to do is start drinking more water.  This will help you feel less constipated and will make you more hydrated to exercise more.  Exercising more will help you get fit, which can cause you to stop smoking, beat depression, become more confident, and also help you to live in the moment.  Moreover, all this can help you concentrate more and exercise your brain so you can read more books, come up with more ideas so you can write more, and may even motivate you to travel more, which that in itself can give you more ideas to write about.  But keep in mind this starts with one thing.  Just that one thing will be the spark that will start the invigorating lifestyle you desire to live.

You can learn what that spark was that lead Theresa to live the life she now lives.  Read her story here.

To a healthy and prosperous 2012!

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