Monday, April 18, 2011

Hot Career Choice: iPhone App Developer

You’ve seen all those cool apps on your Smartphone, right?  Well, did you know there is a demand for Mobile App Developers? 

According to Cindy Perman in her article The Best Jobs Outside the Cubicle, “developers who make mobile apps are in demand -- and they don't always need to be in the office or even employed full-time as an app developer.”  In addition, the need for mobile app developers is the number 2 trending topic on has over 3,000 job listings for mobile app developers; these jobs are paying $50,000 and up.  Some are even paying over $100,000!

Although a rare skill, those who have the skills to create iPhone apps can find rewarding opportunities in this field, some which can be part-time job opportunities. 

Where can you acquire and develop the skills necessary for creating mobile apps?  A great guide called iPhone Development Secrets will show you how you can start will no programming experience and create apps for the iPhone as well as how you can make money selling your apps.

The demand for mobile app developers is high, and with the unique skills for developing apps, you can reap the benefits that await you in the tough economy.  iPhoneDevelopment Secrets will show you how you can acquire these skills with little to no experience. 

I’m sure you’ve seen all these apps on your Smartphone and have wanted to create your own.  You probably have ideas for an app, but don’t have the programming skills to develop one.  You might have wanted to create an app, but don’t have any ideas for one.  Now it’s easy to get these skills and unique ideas and be up for a high in-demand opportunity as a mobile app developer.

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