Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What the Weight-Loss Industry Does Not Want You to Know

by Theresa Stevens

Hi there. So you, like many people, find yourself wanting to lose weight. I totally know the feeling. I know how it feels to have excess belly fat. It makes you feel so uncomfortable. It feels uncomfortable to bend at the waist and uncomfortable to even sit in your body.

And it’s frustrating. You feel like you give up eating certain things, only to want them more. You feel like you go to the gym and motivate to exercise, only to feel tired and slightly bummed afterwards.

There is something I want to share with you that is the key reason why you can’t lose the weight. It doesn’t have to do with what you are eating or how much you are working out.

It has to do with how you are thinking.

Have you heard the phrase, “what you appreciate, appreciates?” It means that the more you are thankful for something, the more things you will have to be thankful for. Kind of like when you praise your husband for taking out the trash, the more he will remember to do it.

The same is true with negative thoughts. The more you think about not wanting to be broke, the more it keeps you in a pattern of just getting by. They say the trick to getting money is having some. That’s a Catch 22 of sorts, but it’s true.

What you think about and focus on, you get more of. This is the Law of Attraction in its barest form.

So, here’s the thing: using the specific words “weight-loss” actually keeps you stuck in a pattern of maintaining, and even gaining, weight.

Anytime you are focusing on “weight”–whether it’s “weight” you have, or “weight” you want to lose—you are asking to keep it around and even adding some more to your collection.

The most powerful thing you can do for yourself if you would like to “lose weight” is to drop those two words from your vocabulary and never say or think them again.

Truly, it is ALL about focusing on what you want to GAIN and not what you want to LOSE.

So what should you focus on GAINING?

Here’s where I created a new word to express what you want to GAIN, and that’s BodyJoy, baby!

BodyJoy is a delicious state of being where your body, mind, and spirit are deeply connected.

Little kids are in BodyJoy very frequently. They practically dance everywhere they go and they take great pleasure in running up a hill, catching a cricket, or eating when they are hungry.

Being in BodyJoy is natural.

As adults, we usually separate our mind, body, and spirit. We read books to grow our minds, we go to church to fortify our spirits, we go to the gym to strengthen our bodies.

When you focus on getting into BodyJoy, you feel fantastic! You feel energized, young, peaceful, loving, passionate, focused, and expansive.

So how do you focus on getting into BodyJoy?

I have found that DANCE is the fastest and most powerful way to get into BodyJoy. It is like plugging yourself directly into an energizing electric outlet. And dancing just feels SO GOOD!

Dance celebrates the art of learning through PLAY, which is essential to cultivating BodyJoy.

If you want to learn more about BodyJoy and about the essential need to focus on pleasure, joy, happiness, sensuality, beauty, and dance to have a hot, fit, toned body, please visit my website: http://bz9.cc/0ii3

I personally can’t wait until I can use different language to market this material. But right now, everyone on the Internet is searching for how to “lose weight.” Like 80,000 people a day.

If you want to learn more about focusing on what you want to GAIN, come spend a few minutes with me here in my super engaging video: http://bz9.cc/0ii3

With so much love and joy!

Theresa Stevens
Inspirational Dance Teacher
and Founder, Lovelight Samba

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