Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ecommerce - The Heart Of A Business

Affiliate marketing, lead generation, and advertising are all great businesses to be in, but the most important businesses sell products.

These can be products a business created themselves, bought from others, or actually sold for others through their store or website.

Web businesses that actually sell something are the ones that usually get to be the biggest businesses, for example, Amazon.

Yes, I know, Google does not really sell anything, but they are a HUGE business...a monster sized of the biggest and most awesome businesses known to this generation.

Just keep in mind that without the ecommerce or businesses advertising their businesses on Google, Google would be nothing but an interesting search engine, right?

Now I also want you to think about how much sales revenue is generated by the
companies that advertise with Google.

Do you think the cumulative sales might be quite a bit higher than Google's
income? Pretty obvious answer, right?

The bottom line is that nothing happens until something is sold somewhere in
the system. No sales, no business, no need for Google or any of the other
'support' businesses that people love.

So the point is to address the specific needs and strategies of how the small to medium sized business actually does the following:

>> Get an ecommerce solution online

>> Turn any website, blog, newsletter, or forum post into an ecommerce platform

>> Sell your own product or someone else's product

>> Turn one product into multiple products

>> Build an army of affiliates into an automated sales machine

>> Customer support on autopilot

>> Discover exactly what your visitors are thinking

...and 100 other little tips and tricks to stay ahead of the competition in any market you choose to compete.

Sound hard?

It can be...most people do things the 'hard' way, but I can teach you the 'smart' way.



P.S. I'm doing this series in conjunction with several of the brightest ecommerce experts on the internet today, and I'm working on getting you some "insider access"...all at my favorite price (you know what that is...don't make me say it)

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