Thursday, November 19, 2009

Build It & They'll Come (Not)...Know Why?

Field of Dreams is definitely one of my all time favorite old movies because it's such a great story of hope and faith. Plowing under his crops to build a baseball field in the middle of an Indiana corn field while on the verge of losing his house and farm to the bank ...

...and doing all of this on blind faith and chasing a dream because he was told, "build it and they will come".

Of course, everyone thought he was crazy until crowds of people showed up and paid to watch the games...'s simply a GREAT story. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, then
fire up a rental ASAP)

Call me old fashioned but I think there was a time where actual people were the stars of the movie and the animators stuck to cartoons (not that I still don't love Bugs Bunny)...but I digress.

Here's my real point!

I does NOT work this way in real life.

I watch these ads on TV, and also hear them on the radio and see them on the internet about these 'miraculous' websites that people can buy and instantly be online and selling like they've just grabbed Amazon by the throat and are ready to deliver the death blow of serious competition.

But that's nothing but a never works that way...never! Build it and nobody will come. Sorry, that's life.

Plopping a website in the middle of the internet is worse than a ball field in the middle of a corn field in 'podunk' nowhere. It's more like hiding a baseball in a cave in the desert.

Nobody is ever going to find it, and nobody is ever going to buy anything from you (except your Mom ...Mom's always do these things, it's in their nature).

So if you've seen these commercials and are tempted...SLAP...snap out of it - Don't Do It!

You need to look reality square in the eyes.

Check It Here - No Dream

Now you need to decide between your Field of Dreams and something real, something proven, but something that "ain't no lottery ticket".



P.S. Just because something is "real" doesn't mean "hard", if you do nothing else, at least watch the short video to see what reality looks like.

Watch It Here - Reality Video

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