Saturday, October 24, 2009

Don't "Try" this... it's a mistake

There I was with my girlfriend and her daughter watching Star Wars for the ump-teenth
time ...but I still love it :-).

Anyhow, there's the part where Yoda tells Luke Skywalker to lift his space ship from
the swamp and Luke tells Yoda that "he will try".

Yoda quickly rebukes, "No try. Do or do not. There is no try".

And so it is in business too. The internet is the greatest invention ever created
for getting people into their own businesses, but in some ways it's too good.

For such a meager amount of money, anyone can now get online and rake in the cash big time. BUT, it's also allowed millions to "try" a business.

Because it's so cheap, these people thought nothing of their business, thought nothing of their future, thought nothing of their investment...instead, they "tried".

And predictably, many failed!

I won't be able to aide you to purchase that Disney Cruise, or lie on the sandy beach, without you deciding to stop "trying" and truly commit yourself. Then these far-off fantasies can become reality.

I'll show you the door, but only you can decide to walk through it. And when you do, slam it shut, and NEVER look back.

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P.S. Yes, you'll get Personal Coaching from the creator of this program...but he
can only must have the desire.

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