Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Black Friday!!!

Hello readers!

I hope you all had a Happy Turkey Day and you have satisfied your cravings with the turkey and all the trimmings!!!!

I also hope you enjoyed getting together with family and friends and getting ready for Christmas and whatnot.

After all that turkey you ate, you're probably thinking what better way to work it off than go after those Black Friday sales! Getting that Christmas shopping started and saving some money.

Personnally, getting up that early before dawn doesn't quite do it for me. Also, the crowded malls and parking lots; I'm just not that aggressive, but to those who are, I applaud you 100%.

Racing for those gifts for your children is a great way to work off all the turkey you ate yesterday, but going after Black Friday sales requires a gameplan which I do not have. Again, those you do, I applaud you.

Personnaly, I enjoyed all the turkey and trimmings I ate yesterday, and I did satisfy my cravings. But unfortunately, since I don't have it in me for the Black Friday rush, I'm not going to the mall to start my Christmas shopping. I also don't have the necessary gameplan. I will probably start my Christmas shopping next weekend if I don't start tomorrow.

What I would like to do is invite you, my readers, to comment and discuss your Thanksgiving day experience. Talk about what you ate, getting together with family, etc.

Also, talk about your Black Friday experience, from getting up early, to the malls, to your purchases, etc.

Please feel free to comment on all. I'm looking forward to reading your comments.

Again, hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Black Friday!!!!!


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