Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No Computer Skills Equals Offline Success?

"The Yellow Pages are dead..."?

(blah blah blah... sorry, but that's what I mentally saw after I saw the promo emails for this new (out of 100's weekly) product launch.)

C'mon, haven't we heard that for years?

OBVIOUSLY businesses need an ONLINE presence!!!
And those who don't get it suffer... but c'mon this isn't new... [[ Or is it! ]]

This one is!

Because no one until now has made it simple enough so that you don't even need a computer...

Yes, you heard that right! No blog, no tech-y online experience, no special software... 'nuff said, just a few ounces of will-power ;).

The site spells most of it out clearly, but make sure you really understand the impact by reading below... I'll make it short,... sorta. :)

To sum the potential impact up in an example...
read this short CURRENT EVENTS example:

I was at a neighbor's child's birthday Sunday (9/21),
2:15pm-ish CST literally, and they were explaining to
me how "lucky" they were to find a place nearby that
had a "bouncy room".

(you know those things they used to call "moon walks"
of sorts... the thing that kids bounce around in
and they typically look like a castle or of the like!?
*stay with me... I know those bring back good
childhood memories for me too... but listen-up!*)

They continued to tell me that they finally found
this after calling several places locally
but not after...

(make sure you hear this
part LOUD and c-l-e-a-r!)

They (she) said, "Yeah, Justin, and that was
** ALL WEEK ** looking for someone who had
them available... - I figured someone had to offer
these ONLINE and be close by!"

==> Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Yeah some of you missed it... and... well that's
okay! Truly it is... but most of you said to yourself..
there's an EASY sale to be made - and a personal
testimony to show that business and others
that they're LOSING sales to get their act
together to get a site online - immediately.


you might be thinking...

'Yeah, yeah, Justin, so wha'! How does
that help ME! I've got a few hours
a week, how does that help me and
my family?'

and you're right! I'll summarize how in
a few brief lines... but to start - I'll
say *** ONE WORD *** that means EVERYTHING
in my mind on the internet!

*** S-U-P-P-O-R-T *** ! ! !


For starters, almost EVERY product sold online
is about JUST that... ONLINE customers! Not offline!
Nothing you can do without having gobs of tech-like
skills and know-how...

Well, this is ANYTHING but that! (huh?)
Just keep reading...

Pretend you and I were to create a product for you
to sell to people... okay?

And, rare to most products online today...

* Step-By-Step Directions To Making Mo-ney In The Offline Niche
* A C.ash Pumping Website That Works for You 24 Hours A Day
* Action Plans That Show You Exactly What To Do
* Thousands of Doll.ars Worth of High Impact Marketing Material
* A Forum Where You Can Get Help and All The Latest Information
* Toll Free Number for Easy Ordering
* No Selling Needed...
* A Trained Professional Will Close Your Deals!
* Huge Profits of $400 Per Sale!

And, all you did was go and POINT them in the right direction
to get this started, and voila - you make $400!

Nothing like this exists yet that's available to you or
I online... nothing with the amount of support that this brings
and certainly nothing with the low-barrier to entry... AND NO!
This isn't a $700x2 program :) lol... it's way less than even

Want to Get A Free Sneak Preview of The Mo-ney
Making Turnkey Website and Some of The marketing
Material That's Included With Easy Offline Rich.es?

==> http://www.easyofflineriches.com/


Sincerest Invitation to Finish
Out 2008 Strong,


p.s. Not a trigger to hit that link but this program (after
speaking to the owner directly a few times over the past few
hours - again this hit home to me this afternoon!) will
IN-crease by $10 on Wednesday at noon, EST :). oh well...
thought you might want to know that as well. ;)


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