Sunday, August 10, 2008

Audio Books--New Releases for August

Here are some new releases of audio books for the month of August:

1. Mr. Sammler's Planet By Saul Bellow
Mr. Artur Sammler is above all a man who has lasted, from the civilized pleasures of England in the twenties and thirties through the war and death camps in Poland. Moving now through the chaotic and dangerous streets of New York's upper West Side, Mr. Sammler is attentive to everything, appalled by nothing. He brings the same disinterested curiosity to the activities of a black pickpocket on an uptown bus, the details of his niece Angela's sex life, and his daughter's lunacy, as to the extraordinary theories of one Dr. V. Govinda Lal on the use we are to make of the moon now that we have reached it.

Primary Category: General Fiction
Price: $23.95
Availability: World English

Mr. Sammler's Planet

2. Managing High Cholesterol By Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht
This audio is designed for the listener looking to make healthy Lifestyle Changes related to the diagnosis of high level cholesterol. These include nutritional changes, exercise, medical compliance, sugar & high fat reduction.

Primary Category: Diet & Nutrition
Price: $19.95
Availability: All markets

Managing High Cholesterol

3. Blow Fly By Natan Sharansky
If the history of the twentieth century can be seen as the successful struggle to expand personal freedoms, then the challenge of the twenty-first century will be to assert cultural, ethnic, or religious identities. That struggle has never been more important than now.

Primary Category: Politics
Price: $16.95
Availability: Only Available in the US and Canada

"Blow Fly"

4. Silent Witness: A Sam Kincaid Mystery by Michael Norman
The armored-car robbery went awry, leaving two people dead, one a member of the gang believed responsible for the crime. Forty-five-year-old Walter Bradshaw is captured and charged with capital murder and aggravated robbery. Bradshaw, who leads an archconservative, antigovernment group of Mormon polygamists, now sits in a cell at the Utah State Prison awaiting trial. The rest of the Bradshaw gang remains at large.

Primary Category: Detective
Price: $16.95
Availability: World English

Silent Witness: A Sam Kincaid Mystery

5. Dare To Prepare: How To Win Before You Begin By Ronald M. Shapiro
The secret ingredient for getting into the winner’s circle is simply the discipline of methodical preparation: that old-school way of having all your ducks in a row. In Dare to Prepare, successful people from all walks of life share their preparation techniques for career-changing situations.

Primary Category: Leadership
Price: $16.95
Availability: Only Available in the US and Canada

Dare To Prepare: How To Win Before You Begin

Happy Listening!

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